Gujrat paint association organized a corporate event to celebrate its 50-year mark in the paint industry

In a daylight setup in Montecristo banquet, The GPA (Gujrat Paint Association) their auspicious 50 years mark. The event was called the Swarn mark and took place in the city’s heart with banners all over the city guiding to the location.

The banners hoarded the president (Shri Sanjay Bhai Patel) and Honorary Secretary (Shri Alpesh Bhai Joshi) faces. They welcomed every invited guest cloudily to the event. The idea was to make the event memorable and enjoy the grand stone they were putting in the ground with their years in the industry.

The event was organized by marshal engineers, and everyone entered the premised with their entry cards and id’s given to them at the event itself.

Gujarat Paint Association is a regional, non-profit organization that represents the paint manufacturers in the state of Gujarat. The main purpose of the association’s inception was to protect and promote the interests of the paint industry.

They come with a mission to become the best service company in the world. The event boasted many speeches from different members, and several prizes were given to performers.

Various renowned dignitaries were present at the stage to bless the audience with their blessings and guidance for the path ahead. A draw was also organized, and various awardees and attendees were presented with different gifts.

Their Mission & Vision

To promote the industry’s interest, acquire, assimilate and diffuse technical knowledge. Collect and distribute information on trade, commerce, and industry.

Core Values & Objects

  • The GPA provides a global platform for discussing and coordinating global paint and coating industry policy.
  • To promote and protect the small-scale paint & coating industry in Gujrat.
  • To promote unity and cooperation among small-scale paint, allied, and coatings manufacturers to promote and succeed as a community.
  • Identify potential challenges that might influence the small-scale paint business and take preventative action.
  • Members are kept informed about changes in government rules that impact their sector.
  • To communicate technological and management techniques upgrades to its membership.
  • To assist members in identifying their areas of strength, expertise, and growth

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