AkzoNobel launches campaign for steel door coatings – “Discover more behind one door.”

AkzoNobel launches campaign for steel door coatings – “Discover more behind one door.”

AkzoNobel is launching a new wave of water-based paints aimed at heralding the next evolution of superior metal protection.  Hammerite Ultima is suitable for use with all kinds of metals and provides an excellent protective barrier. It can also be applied directly to any metal surface, not just rust, without the need for a primer.

A key innovation is a quick-drying formulation developed as a part of AkzoNobel’s Canal Initiative. This is a multi-year strategic program aimed at leading the decorative paint market to use a broader range of water-based products.

 “Reducing the environmental impact of our products is a fundamental part of our people. Star. Paint. Approaching Sustainability, “explains AkzoNobel COO Ruud Joosten.” Hammerite Ultima is a good example of how our product innovations are leading the exciting transformation of the paints and coatings industry.”

LucRens, Global Marketing Manager for Decorative Paints, the company’s wood and metal coating division, said:

 “Often, customers don’t know exactly what kind of metal they’re dealing with, which can be confusing. With Hammerite Ultima, consumers can always get the right answer for a long time. You can feel reassured that you have protected the metal. “

 Suitable for everything from gates and fences to railings and garden furniture, new products are currently on sale in Germany, Spain, and France. These produts will soon be launched in other markets too.

As a leader in the steel door coating market, AkzoNobel has updated its portfolio of products and services to provide more to its customers. The new Discover More behind a Door campaign highlights how people using AkzoNobel get “more” more product customization, support, and performance.

 Discover more behind a Door also highlights the improvement of the POLYDURE coating system for the company’s commitment to providing field quality and performance diversity and outstanding customer service.

 AkzoNobel’s steel door coating adds flexibility and versatility to a variety of applications such as rolling steel doors, commercial and residential front doors, residential garage doors, and commercial truck gates. All-steel door projects are unique, so coating options are tailored to the needs of each steel door application.

 The new portfolio includes:

  • POLYDUREND 2000 Hybrid Coating-Optimized for scratch and abrasion resistance with built-in flexibility.
  • POLYDUREN D2020 Maximum Flexible Coating – Flexible coating improves production throughput.
  • POLYDUREN D2030 Durable and Rigid Coating – Maximum scratches, abrasion resistance, and abrasion resistance make it look new and stay longer.

 Each POLYDURE option is available in a wide range of color, gloss, print, and texture options and, in combination with consistent, smooth film, provides a proven trouble-free coating application.

 High-quality coatings are just part of the story. AkzoNobel coatings are associated with the service benefits of all customers in the value chain.

 Benefits for OEMs and assignees include aesthetic and weathering properties that enable the project, backed by leading experts who recommend solutions based on the project’s needs.

AkzoNobel offers innovative solutions and service programs to optimize the service center’s business. The coating is easy to apply and can be processed with confidence. For the coater, the quality control program guarantees color stability and accuracy. User-friendly digital solutions streamline the process and make coater work more efficient with quick response to sample requests.

 This venture is the only company to offer a reliable partnership built on its strong reputation as a supplier of high-quality coatings to the steel door market and to provide a warranty for commercial and residential entrance doors. The entire portfolio of steel door products is backed by this strong warranty, providing our customers with exceptional quality and artistry.

 “Each steel door project is unique and aims to provide solutions to all customers, regardless of the project,” said Manoel Rodrigues, Regional Business Director, and Coil Americas. “These new initiatives, which are key elements of our growth and delivery strategy, will help strengthen our offerings and maintain and strengthen our leadership position.”

About AkzoNobel

 AkzoNobel has an affection for paint. They’re specialists and proud of the craft of creating paints and coatings, placing the usual in color and safety due to the fact 1792. Their global elegance portfolio of brands – consisting of Dulux, International, Sikkens, and Interpon – is trusted by clients across the globe. Headquartered inside the Netherlands, we’re lively in over a hundred and fifty international locations and appoint around 33,000 talented folks who are captivated with turning in the high-overall performance services and products our clients expect.

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