The event of ISSPA began with a warm welcome addressed by Mr Sanjay Jain, followed by Chairman Mr Mukesh Goyal and Mr. PK Vats. They highlighted the rich history and remarkable achievements of ISSPA over the years.

The discussion then shifted to the important topic of solvent storage, load usage, and lead regulation. It was emphasized that lead should be handled responsibly to ensure safety. An interesting fact about the presence of lead in Sindur, including the one used by Lord Hanuman,  made the audience astound.  

The attendees were reminded that relying on local wood might not yield the best results. Instead, they were encouraged to create their own products and ISSPA will work towards building a reputable brand out of their hardwork.

Lastly, the event concluded with a heartfelt vote of thanks extended by the esteemed guests, expressing gratitude to all those who attended and participated in the fruitful discussion. The event marked itself with flying colours, promising a brighter future with more profitable aspects in all fronts of businesses.

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