Berger paints shares crumple 3.84% as the Nifty falls

Berger paints shares crumple 3.84% as the Nifty falls

Berger Paints (India) Ltd. Stocks dropped by 3.84 percent to 702 rupees.

On that day, the daytime highs of Rs718.7 and lows of Rs700.0 were reached, respectively. Inventories showed a surplus of 872.0 rupees and a bottom of 675.0 rupees in 52 weeks. At 11:37 am (IST), the counter recorded a total trading volume of 15,127 shares with a trading value of Rs 1.07, according to NSE.

The inventory closed at Rs 730.05 in the previous session.

The scrip decreased by 1.61% a month ago, while the benchmark BSE Sensex decreased by 8.81% over the same period. According to

The price-earnings ratio (P/E) was 83.21, and the price-to-book value ratio was 21.99. A high price-earnings ratio indicates that the buyer is willing to pay the value closest to the rupees earned from the stock due to the high forecast of future progress. The price-to-book value ratio indicates the inherent value of a company and the value that buyers cannot afford for their progress.

  The inventory belongs to the paint/varnish transaction.

 Promoter / FII Holding

 As of December 31, 2021, the promoter held a 60.51% stake in the company, and the FII and MF ownership within the agency was 11.3% and 1.15%, respectively.

 Treasury ratio

The company reported that for the quarter ended December 31, 2021, consolidated gross sales increased by 14.67% to Rs 2566.22 crore from Rs 2238.0 crore in the previous quarter and 20.27% from Rs 2133 crore in the previous quarter. Rs.79 crores. The company’s most recent quarter revenue was Rs 25,272 million, down 8.03% from the same quarter 12 months ago.

About Berger Paints

Berger Paints Ltd is an Indian multinational paint company based in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. The company has 16 production bases in India, 2 in Nepal and 1  in Poland, and 1 in Russia.

It has manufacturing bases in Howrah and Richula, Arinso, Taroja, Narutri, Goa, Debra, Hindupur, Jejuli, Jammu, Pondicherry, and Udyognagar.

The company has offices in five countries: India, Russia, Poland, Nepal, and Bangladesh. They have a labor force of over 3,600 and a nationwide distribution network of over 25,000 dealers.

 In addition to its business in Russia and production facilities at the Burger production facility in Krasnodar, Burger Paint India also has facilities in Nepal. They also acquired Bolix SA of Poland, an external insulation finishing systems (EIFS) provider in Eastern Europe.

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