CHINACOAT: the global coating show rescheduled from 2022

CHINACOAT: the global coating show rescheduled from 2022

Initially scheduled for November 16, 2021, the show has been postponed to March 24, 2022, at the original venue in Shanghai.

Since 1996, CHINACOAT has acted as a platform to leverage the market. It has provided the industry with a platform to harness the market’s potential and drive business growth. The 2020 edition of Guangzhou attracted more than 22,200 trade visitors from 20 countries/regions and more than 710 exhibitors from 21 countries/regions. On the surface, visitor and exhibitor data are significantly lower than previous editions.

The new location of the show has been selected as Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) – (March 2-4, 2022)

However, the results may be considered acceptable under the influence of a pandemic. CHINACOAT 2021 was to be held in Shanghai to help exhibitors present their products and negotiate with their partners, but it has been rescheduled to March 2022.

The organizers of CHINACOAT announced a new show date preceding the previous schedule of 18th November 2021. The CHINACOAT will take place between 2-4 March 2022.

The CHINACOAT is making its new appearance with a virtual show – owing to the previous year

 Guangzhou Ground Show 2020 Organizers have launched a new virtual show in a hybrid format that will last for a year so that exhibitors and visitors can continue to attend. Exhibitions that participate in a hybrid format seem to be a new common sense in the exhibition industry.

 Again this year, CHINACOAT will provide exhibitors with an online platform to virtually present their products and technologies to visitors.

The online show will start before the physical show on December 15, 2021, and will remain open until March 15, 2022. This will allow visitors, especially from abroad, to preview the exhibition early and plan for 2022 merchandising. More than 850 exhibitors from physical exhibitions will be part of the online show, with the rest consisting of exhibitors who have selected virtual exhibitions.

For the time being, the video meeting feature with virtual exhibitors will be available from February 14th to March 15th, 2022, during which visitors plan one-on-one video meetings with virtual exhibitors. Anybody can attend the annual conference if they do not wish to attend the whole exhibition.

CHINACOAT and ASIA – Growth altogether

Asia, especially China, is expected to recover in 2021 and remain the fastest-growing coating market globally. The previous year’s conventions of CHINACOAT, on the surface, provided both visitor and exhibitor data. The aspects are significantly lower than in previous editions. However, the results should be considered acceptable under the influence of a pandemic. CHINACOAT2021 will be held again in Shanghai, giving exhibitors worldwide a chance to recover the market!

Prior to February 14, online shows were primarily used to inform physical and virtual exhibitors. Then, until March 15th, visitors will be able to hold video conferences with virtual exhibitors using the new video conference feature. Additional features of online shows include business matching, advanced product search, exhibitor live broadcasts, chat rooms, and real-time participation or summarization of concurrent technology programs.

 The visitors who registered with real name verification and accessed the actual show can use the same e-passport/registration information to join the new show date without having to re-register. Visitors who have registered access to the online show can now log in and start surfing using their registered email address and password.

The Origin Story

Since its first edition in 1996, the China Coatings Journal (CCJ) has provided readers with detailed and up-to-date information on the coating industry around the world. They also welcome submissions from industry experts who contribute articles and publications at domestic and international companies, suppliers, factories, and R & D centres. The edition’s content includes technical articles, product information on market launches, industry updates and management changes, corporate activities, and expansion plans.

The CHINACOAT is a Bilingual Coating Journal connecting China and the World. It serves as an integrated bilingual printing and digital platform for the global coating industry

Key points of CHINACOAT

  • First published in 1996, CCJ is a bilingual (Chinese / English) trade magazine that integrates printing and digital platforms for the global coating industry.
  • CCJ provides readers with market news and trends, technological advances, new products, and services to improve the expertise and keep up with the industry developments.
  • It is published five times a year in the months of March, May, July, September, and November, with 9,000 prints/issues and 12,000 digital distributions/issues.
  • An additional 11,000 copies of the “CHINACOAT Directory” will be published and distributed at the CHINACOAT exhibition as the official publication of the famous exhibition series CHINACOAT.
  •  Global demand for coatings has grown steadily over the last decade, averaging over 5% per year. The Asia Pacific (APAC) coating market continues to dominate markets worldwide. Due to the rapid economic growth in South and Southeast Asian countries such as India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and the Philippines, the APAC coating market outperforms the rest of the world.
  • THE CCJ provides advertisers with multi-platform media to increase brand awareness and reach more potential customers in these favorable situations. Differences between CCJ and other products

Difference between CHINACOAT and others

Official Publication of CHINACOAT Exhibition Series

CCJ is the official publication of the CHINACOAT Exhibition Series. An additional 12,000 copies of the `CHINACOAT Directory` will be published and distributed to visitors via this dedicated channel. Exhibitors can use CCJ to draw participants’ attention and maximize their presence in the field. Non-exhibitors, on the other hand, can convey a message to find more sales leads and increase brand awareness.

 Proven Editing Background and Industry Expertise

Editorial team and writers are industry experts and consultants to assist in planning the content of each issue. Our feature articles cover new technologies and innovations, market trends, new product releases, profiles of well-known suppliers, interviews with prominent companies and professionals, and provide a networking and communication system between players in the industry. To do.

 Unique bilingual specialist publication with qualified readers

CCJ is the only trade magazine in the Asia Pacific region that actively uses bilingual Chinese and English. Our readers are primarily industry decision-makers, more than 56% of whom are senior technicians or managers. Present your company’s image before influential industry players who procure products and services related to their needs. At the same time, present your company’s expertise to competitors and colleagues.

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