Conclave & Awards

Paintvision powder coating conclave 2022






Paintvision is proud to announce the most awaited award show and conclave for the paint industry SME sector (Pan India). Where we invite you to gather for an open discussion with government officials on new policies for the welfare of the paint industry, especially for SMEs.

Paintvision conclave
The paintvision Conclave will be conducted in the presence of the government authority for one interaction and discussion on the strategies for the advancement of the Indian paint industry.

Paintvision awards
A little appreciation never fails to motivate and for the first time in the history of the Indian paint industry, a dedicated Award night will be organized to present a token of appreciation to the companies who are contributing to the Indian paint industry by doing exceptionally good work in their region and earned popularity with their quality, Sales graph, and service, Paintvision took this step forward to reward the innovations success stories and ethical entrepreneurship of paint industry.


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