Industrial front paintvision conclave & awards 2022 is one of its kind happening FIRST TIME in the INDIAN paint industry, the features of this event are as follows-

  • Promotion of Indian Government policy for MSME Vocal for Local.
  • Panel discussion with the government, on MSME schemes & benefits for the paint industry, therefore we welcome your contributions to the event.
  • Panel discussion on Export Promotion by promoting MISSION EXPORT in MSME (Paint Industry) on the path to a 5 Trillion USD economy.
  • Panel discussion with dealers on small scale paint industry & MNCs products.
  • Panel discussion with Exhibition organiser for business development of MSME.
  • Panel discussion and question-answer for Industrial Funding.
  • Technical sessions for cost reduction of various products & specialized consultants.
  • Several benefits from central & state governments to small manufacturers of the paint industry.
  • Business lounge for exhibiting products of the MSME paint industry.
  • Advancement of Formulation by various raw material manufacturers & suppliers to help manufacturers.
  • Each member will be given a question card to write their opinion or question to be asked in discussions.

This Conclave is followed by an Award show, the vision behind this award show is to appreciate raw material suppliers and manufacturers and provide them with recognition in front of the Indian paint industry which they deserve for their impeccable contribution. This show will be live from the event area on our YOUTUBE channel “PAINTVISION”.


Contact us –

Mr. Manish Malhotra (CEO-Paintvision)

+91, 9212224415