Dates announced for Gulf Coating and Pacific Coating Show

Dates announced for Gulf Coating and Pacific Coating Show

Nürnberg Messe is working with Vincentz Network, an internationally renowned provider of information and network services for the paint industry, to establish two new go-to events for the paint and paint industry in the Asia Pacific region and the Middle East. Partners will hold a Pacific Coating Show at the Jakarta International Exposition Convention Centre in Indonesia from September 21-23, 2022, and in the Arab Emirates.

New international trade fairs for the coating industry in the United Arab Emirates (Gulf Coating Show, Sharjah, October 16-18) and Indonesia (Jakarta, September 2.123) are now gaining official support from large global companies.

“The Pacific Coating Show and Gulf Coating Show will open up new communication channels at the global and local levels, providing sales opportunities for interested exhibitors and visitors in promising markets,” said the executive director of the exhibition. Alexander Mataush, who is. Nürnberg Messe.”

 Nürnberg Messe and Vincentz Network will hold a Gulf Coating Show at the Sharjah Expo Centre in October 2022. Host. After that, both trade fairs will be held every two years.

The motivation behind organizing these events is the success of the European Coating Show, a world-leading event in the paint and coating industry. The show has been making the saying true, ‘one triumph and others follow.”

The shows will provide an attractive value-to-money factor and aid the Global Coating Network. Subsequently, this will result in Integration into, trade fairs, high service quality, globally recognized coating technology conferences, and fixed locations, two-year cycle. Major players have already vouched for this kind of event and are ready to pour in what they have for the coating industry. If the major players come around, the industry can share the benefits, and it will be subsequently beneficial to the regional and global markets.

With over US $ 10 billion and over 3 billion litres, the Gulf region and the Great Middle East form a global heavyweight division. Prescribers and suppliers at home and around the world are driving innovation and delivering products to a dynamic industry growing faster than most other parts of the world.

The Gulf and Pacific Coating Market

The new Gulf Coating Show serves this dynamic supply chain and provides the ultimate platform for information on coating technology, business contacts, and networking.

Suppliers and manufacturers are driving the dynamic growth of the coating industry in the Asia Pacific region, with Indonesia standing out in Southeast Asia. Not only does it have a market size of approximately US $ 2.5 billion, serving as a central hub for the entire region. The new Pacific Coating Show will provide ample opportunities to bring together the entire supply chain, network, establish and maintain business contacts, and benefit from exclusive information updates on coating technology.

Moreover, the Asia Pacific Coating Show is the premier event for the coating industry in Southeast Asia and the Pacific region. The fair offers the opportunity to meet new and existing customers in the region for three days. Gain insights into the latest technologies available on the market. There are meaningful and personal business interactions.

What can the events do for the industry?

 This event provides an optimal environment for the entire coating industry, from raw material suppliers and equipment manufacturers to technical specialists such as dealers and compounders. Not only that. Ancillary meetings provide an opportunity to learn about the latest products, innovations, and trends in the industry. Interact with industry leaders. Build a strong network in your area.

Large companies have already promised their support, guaranteeing a truly comprehensive and diverse product and service, as well as business contact opportunities.

The method has been practised using a trial-and-error model globally and hence is not going to fail anytime sooner. The coating markets in the Gulf and Asia Pacific countries offer exciting future prospects and growth potential. This has acted as the sole purpose for establishing an ideal platform for each of these markets. It is expected to have a 50% share of the world market – which will be the largest and hence hold a specific power over the market.

The prognosis of the global market has depicted the importance of the Asia-Pacific region. It is expected to have 50% of the global market share of the coatings industry worldwide. The increasing market growth in this region is due to the growing manufacturing sector of the developing nations and the grossing income of the industry. The average growth of the South–East Asian market’s coatings market is predicted around 5%, give or take more or less, over the next five years.

The regions’ markets are widely under the pressure of the automobile industry, industrial regions expansion, government policies, and strong demand for the automobile industry to grow continuously and make the predictions accurate in every quarter.

The Middle East can act as the pivoting point for all the continents and could develop into a lucrative market for the industry. The regional markets were undervalued before many of the global conventions. However, significantly in 2019, the size of the regional coatings market in the Middle East and North Africa was estimated to be valued at $9.875 million and increase at an annual growth rate of 4.1%. Moreover, the expansion in volume could become up to 2.6% in the next five years and become one of the vital global contributors.

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