IMCD Expands its Presence in India through Strategic Acquisition Over Valuetree

IMCD, a leader in specialty chemicals is making a move to strengthen its position in the Indian market with the successful acquisition of Valuetree Ingredients. This strategic purchase positions IMCD as a player in the beauty and personal care industry by combining its expertise with Valuetrees dedication to sustainable and top-notch solutions.

IMCD Expands its Presence, in India through Strategic Purchase of Valuetree Ingredients
Source: Linkedin-IMCD group

About IMCD India:

Established in Mumbai in 2008 IMCD India has been at the forefront of representing producers of specialty chemicals including food and pharma ingredients. The company has built a reputation for itself by serving market sectors and achieving consistent growth over time. The key to IMCD Indias success lies in its team of technical and commercial specialists who offer valuable guidance to customers regarding the function, formulation and application of specialty chemical products.

Strategic Acquisition:

The acquisition of Valuetree Ingredients represents a move for IMCD as it aligns perfectly with its vision to diversify its portfolio and enrich its offerings within the beauty and personal care sector. Valuetrees strong presence as a distributor of sustainable ingredients complements IMCDs commitment, to delivering solutions of quality to their valued customers.

The company known as Valuetree reported a revenue of Rs. 4.4 billion, in the year 2023. Valuetree had its application laboratory and a diverse range of ingredients along with a team of 44 employees.

By combining the strengths of IMCD and Valuetree Ingredients the formed entity aims to offer a selection of specialty chemical solutions to the Indian market. The integration of Valuetrees in-house application laboratory and IMCDs global expertise positions the company as a partner for businesses seeking formulations and technical support in the beauty and personal care industry.

Through its acquisition of Valuetree Ingredients IMCD is further establishing its presence in India with an emphasis on innovation and sustainability in the beauty and personal care sector. This strategic move demonstrates IMCDs dedication to delivering high-quality specialty chemical solutions solidifying its position as a leader, within the industry.

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