ISSPA Gujarat Region organized SILVER JUBILEE VELIDICTORY SYMPOSIUM & ANNUAL MEET 2022-23 on 18th June 2023 at Hotel Leela, Gandhinagar. More than 230+ delegates were present at the symposium, and it was a memorable, amazing, and beautifully organized event.

After the registration process, tea-coffee and breakfast were arranged for the delegates. The delegates enjoyed same and then they took their seats in the hall.

Chairman Maulik Patel gave a sweet welcome speech with a poetic presentation and briefly informed the work carried out by ISSPA Gujrat Region to the delegate. After that, everyone was asked to join for the national anthem. The indomitable spirit of dedication of all the delegates for the country was seen in the national anthem. As per the Indian tradition any auspicious occasion starts with the lighting of the lamp and ISSPA also follows the same tradition. Chief Guest Mr. Prakashbhai Varmora, guest of honors Mrs. Shilpa Raveshiya, guest of honors Mr. Madhukarbhai Shah, Executive Committee and Delegates joined lighting of lamp and started the event by remembering God.

Then the chief guest Mr. Prakashbhai Varmora, guest of honors Mr. Shilpa Raveshia president ISSPA, past ISSPA president and founder chairman of Gujarat region Mr. Madhukarbhai Shah and past chairmen of Gujarat region were warmly welcomed with flowers.

Then Mrs. Shilpa Ravesia – ISSPA President came for her speech and spoke about her memories with ISSPA Gujarat Region. He hailed the unique contribution of the Gujarat region at the ISSPA Bangalore Biannual Conference. Congratulations to Mr. Maulikbhai Patel and Mr. Kanubhai Shah for the work they have done for ISSPA Gujarat Region and ISSPA Central. He talked about God given multi-tasking skills to women and how women take care of business and family at the same time. She suggested that adding one or more women to the Executive Committee of ISSPA would benefit the association with their unique ability of multi-tasking. She then told the delegates how ISSPA raises various issues of paint industries to various departments of the government and works tirelessly till its resolution.

After that Shri Madhukarbhai Shah former President ISSPA and Founder Chairman Gujarat Region gave information about various activities of ISSPA. He briefed delegates on the specifics of the incoming Executive Committee and how it is important to ISSPA. He said that in the upcoming executive committee, all the cities of Gujarat have been given priority, and the delegates of that committee are all considered young and educated. He said that a dynamic young woman has been included in the new committee and the suggestion of Madam President has been implemented by Gujarat region.

Then the Chief Guest Shri Prakashbhai Varmora was invited for his speech. He is the Director of Vramora Plastech Pvt ltd and MLA of Dhrangadhra, Gujarat.  His unique style infused enthusiasm and energy into the delegates right from the start of his speech. Prakashbhai is currently the MLA from Dhrangadhra and holds high positions in various associations, so he has the ability to present business problems to the government well, he says. So, he assured the delegates that if there are any questions /problems related to the Paint industry, he will help us to present it to the government and to the concern departments.

Then Mr. Ankit Goyal, Director of Deep Polychem Pvt Ltd Company gave information about his company and gave information about his products used in wall putty, tile adhesive and dry mix mortar. He assured them that the information would prove to be very useful and valuable to the delegates. He gave good information on MHEC, RDP, PVA and single polymer and informed about the availability of these products.


Then the Annual meet 2022-23 was started by ISSPA Gujarat Region Secretary Mr. Kanubhai Shah and the minutes of the Annual meet 2021-22 were read. After that Joint Secretary Mr. Jaideep Patel presented the various activities done by the association during the year. Then Shri Hitesh Patel Treasurer presented the Annual Accounts for the year 2022-23. The accounts and information presented by the office bearer were accepted by the delegates and passed by voice vote.

Immediately after the Annual meet 2022-23, Mr. Rameshbhai Patel- Election Officer of ISSPA Gujarat Region announced Executive Committee for the year 2023-2025. Informed delegates how he completed the entire process in a transparent and democratic manner.

After that a delicious and sumptuous meal was arranged for the delegates. Delegates also enjoyed refreshing their relationships with fellow delegates while enjoying delicious food and exchanging news and views.

After the meal, it was the turn of the speaker whom the delegates had been waiting to hear since morning, Prof. Mr. Samish Dalal, a well-known motivational speaker. Prof. Samish Dalal started his speech with his unique humorous style. He talked about the difficulties of advancing the business in the current situation and presented a very interesting study on how to take advantage of it together with the collaborators with the example of a merchant of incense sticks. He also gave his presentations on how to connect with customers. The delegates listened to his presentations calmly and with great interest.

At the end of the event, the Secretary Mr. Kanubhai Shah thanked the invited guests, delegates and all the sponsors of the event and before declaring the event complete, asked them to bid farewell to the delegates with warm and joyous gifts through a lucky draw. Finally, on leaving, HI-tea was arranged for the delegates and an attractive kit was given.

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