Some general precautions can prevent many incidents.

Three people got critically injured as another fire breaks out
in Gujarat.
Gujarat: We all have gone through so much news regarding
all those mishappening in chemical and paint industries.
Industrial fire, and tragedies cause a great downfall to the
companies and the government as well. Chemical and paint
industries have always been on top when it comes to the
worst-hit spot for fire and explosion accidents.
A major fire break-out took place at a chemical company in
Ankleshwar’s Panoli GIDC today. Sources at the fire
Department of Panoli have said that the breakout took place
nearly 2:30 – 3:00 am. About five workers in the industry have
sustained burns, and the three among them are in very
critical condition and have been sent to the nearby hospital
for further treatment. But here raise some questions. Who is
responsible for this? Who is going to look after the injured
The answer is yet to be found. In 70% of such tragic cases,
the investigation always rolls up with a statement that it was
either because of carelessness or irresponsibility. Another
huge reason behind this can be the leakage of harmful
chemical gases that react with the atmosphere and result as
fire or explosions.
We can make cease all such tragedies countless by following
some common precautions.
• Cleaning up oil and chemical spills
• Keeping work areas free of all unnecessary raw material
that can increase the fire.
• We can take care of explosion and fire by not stringing
electrical cords across the floor or walkaways that can
lead to a huge electrical fire break out.
We can put a full stop over all such tragedies just by making
up our minds responsible and by taking care of every small
thing that can play a huge role in such a scenario. Following
some common steps can stop a lot of things from happening
and can save hundreds of lives.

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